Kidneys for Life…!

Kidneys for Life…!

Fayaz Uddin:

Alif Khan Mashwani, 60 former by profession lives near Afghan border. He was living a happy life with his family at village Petto Dara of Lower Dir northern district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Khan has five sons, and three daughters he had great dreams of grandeur life along with his wife and off springs. But one day the elder son complaint about abdomen pain, Khan rushed him to the nearest hospital where he was informed about the kidney problem of his son.   

“It was the begging of bleak and black period of our lives” Alif Khan started his tale. Later on two more sons diagnosed kidney disease in rapid speed. The 60 years Arif Khan stated, To be honest this ailment was nothing but when two of my son died it made me and wife mentally paralyzed. Even now we are ready for this third soul to be departed sooner or later, Khan tried to hide his rolling tears. 

The elder son Muhammad Gul died at the age of 14 in 2006 and at that time he was 8th grade student at local high school. The poor former has spent thousands of rupees on his off springs kidney disease but it didn’t give them permanent relief. Sulaiman Khan died at the age of 22, he was earning before diagnose of his ailment.

Sulaiman death broke my back, Khan couldn’t control his sobbing. My young son wasn’t aware about his illness nor his wife and mother, Khan narrated. Sulaiman was working in a local trunk factory and was contributing. 22 year Sulaiman was married and he left few month son behind.

Three days before his death, he visited to local doctor and then he referred him to provincial capital Peshawar but to the greater unfortunate the doctors informed the family about his kidneys failure. It kills parents when see their sweetheart will be die in front of their eyes, with longer sigh Khan described his heart pain. 

I console myself and the rest of family and consider it ordeal from Allah and still hoping for recovery and face this tough time, he stated.

Alif Khan lives among green mountains and field away from hustling bustling city and even from village. The ordeal couldn’t stop here, his third son Sohail Khan passed 10th grade exam with A grade. The family was celebrating this success but during this period again the unlucky family received a new ordeal kidney problem of Sohail Kha.

 Initially doctors couldn’t under the nature of disease but after complete checkup Sohail was referred to Peshawar for further treatment. 

 Sohail goes for dialyses Tuesday and Friday to Peshawar, this treatment cost alone and so for Alif Khan spent more than 200K rupees on his son treatment. “I am alive and optimist and if I remain I will serve humanity” young Sohail disclosed his aim of living.

Although its painful when see my class fellows can run, play and work and I am on bed since long, the young boy couldn’t control his emotion for being sick.

Furthermore the elder of the family Alif Khan is also now kidney patient. His age, health condition didn’t permit him to work but he has to work in the fields to feed the family.


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